Apple Explains Why Old Deleted Photos Started Resurfacing on iOS 17.5

Permanently Delete Photos on iPhone and iPad

Apple has addressed a peculiar bug in iOS 17.5 that caused deleted photos to resurface, leaving users confused and concerned about privacy. The bug was resolved in the iOS 17.5.1 update. Apple explained that the issue stemmed from a damaged database entry on the devices and was not related to iCloud Photos. Therefore, when old memories unexpectedly reappeared, they were never truly deleted from the device itself.

Apple noted that this bug affected only a small number of users and photos. But why did pictures from 2010 suddenly reappear? The explanation is that these files might have persisted through backups or device changes, even without using iCloud Photos. It’s a reminder of how digital footprints can linger.

The situation intensified when a claim on Reddit alleged that photos reappeared on a device that had been wiped and sold. Apple refuted this, stating that if a phone is properly reset, all data should be completely removed, eliminating the possibility of such occurrences.

It’s important to note that Apple doesn’t automatically clear deleted photos from the iPhone or iPad. Users must manually delete these photos again, and they are moved to the Recently Deleted album for up to 30 days unless otherwise specified by the user. While this requires an additional step, it allows users to control what remains and what is permanently removed.

There were a bunch of conspiracy theories on the internet, some suggesting that Apple was storing deleted pictures on iCloud servers. Perhaps this prompted Apple to clarify the issue and provide a detailed explanation.


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