Google Chrome for iOS will Soon Get Multiple Profile Support

Google Chrome for iOS Will Soon Bring Circle to Search

Last year, the Safari browser added multiple profile support for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. Meanwhile, Chrome users on iOS are still stuck with single profile, despite Chrome offering multiple support on ChromeOS and Windows. A deep dive by MacObserver’s team reveals that Google is testing a feature that allows multiple profiles and easy switching on iPhone and iPad OS.

Multiple profiles come in handy if more than one person uses the device. It is helpful to compartmentalize bookmarks, browser settings, and other preferences. For instance, you can create and manage separate browsing profiles for work and personal use. It is very common for an household to share devices such as iPads. Each user can simply create their own profile. 

Chrome flag showing profile switching

Google is currently working on a basic profile-switching mechanism for Chrome on iOS. Once implemented, they will top it up with more advanced features. Thus, the item is aptly titled “Implement rudimentary profile switching.” Google is testing the UI, and it is currently behind an experimental flag. Even the name or title of the feature has yet to be decided. 

Interestingly, Google has yet to offer the feature on Android. We have noticed a slew of new Chrome features lined up for iOS. Last month, Chrome for iOS gained a new feature that lets you access reading list offline and a US-based parcel tracking feature.

Our Take

Google Chrome browser is leading the mobile browser space with 65% market share as of last year. Meanwhile, Safari is perched at the second position with 25% share. Google can widen the gap by poaching more users from iOS. This may be the reason they are focussing on Chrome for iOS. Which browser do you use on your iPhone? Let us know in the comments below. 

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