InPixio Review: Is It a Good Photo Editing Tool for Mac?

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Besides the big photo editors like Lightroom, Photoshop, and Capture One, you’ll find plenty of lesser-known gems that also promise excellent results. InPixio is one of these software — it features online and offline apps (I’ll review both) tailored for various Mac models. The app’s popularity stems from its intuitive design and focus on accessibility, making it a popular choice for casual photographers and designers.

By the end of this piece, you’ll learn what you can do with InPixio, whether it’s worth getting, and what alternatives I recommend. Let’s dive in.

What Is InPixio?

InPixio is a photo editing app owned by Avanquest. It has an online edition with limited editing features and a downloadable app with more comprehensive solutions.

When using InPixio, you have access to several AI-powered tools — such as the ability to remove backgrounds or add yourself to numerous video frames.

InPixio Online Features

InPixio has a handful of simple online tools that offer you a taste of the app and allow you to perform basic functions. Here’s an overview of what you get:

1. Background Tools

InPixio simplifies background removal. Just upload your image or select one from the app’s library, and the tool automatically removes the area around your subject. If needed, you can easily restore anything that gets removed accidentally.

A photo with the background removed in InPixio

InPixio also lets you change your background color. If you want to sell your items online (e.g. using eBay or Shopify), you may find this feature particularly helpful. You can pick from several preset colors, plus the app also lets you choose customized palettes.

Change the background color using InPixio
Note icon NOTE
You can add a transparent background to your pictures as well.

2. File Type Converters

InPixio offers a helpful set of file conversion tools. You can convert JPG files to PDF and PNG, and it’s also possible to turn PNGs into PDF documents. WEBP to PNG and vice versa are also available.

To convert your file, simply drag and drop the image you want to convert. The app will do the rest.

Image converter in the InPixio app

3. Basic Design Tools

If you want to customize images for social media quickly, InPixio has a selection of online tools available. You can generate text-based memes if you want to share these with your friends, and it’s also possible to add text to your images.

Again, all you have to do is upload your pictures to the InPixio app. After doing this, you’ll have access to various fonts. To further adjust your image and ensure that it’s precisely what you want, you can also crop the picture and add filters.

InPixio App Features

If you download the InPixio app, you’ll find several features that aren’t available in the online app or to guest accounts. These include editing sliders, a Tone Curve adjustment tool, cloning stamps, and more.

Here are the top things you can do with the offline InPixio app.

1. Editing Sliders

InPixio, like many photo editing apps, gives access to numerous editing sliders. You can tweak the exposure, saturation, contrast, and several other elements of your image.

Editing sliders in InPixio
Image Credit: Anthony Morganti

Most of the editing sliders run on percentages, and you can adjust these however you want.

2. Tone Curve

The Tone Curve is one of the most underrated tools among photographers, and knowing how to use it can help you change how your photos look dramatically. Tone Curves control lighting in various parts of your image, and besides making corrections, you can also use them to add the finishing touches to your images.

Tone Curve Tool in InPixio

When using the Tone Curve tool on InPixio, you can use multiple points to ensure that your picture edits are more fine-tuned.

3. Cloning

Another underrated photo editing tool is the Cloning feature. I often use this in Photoshop to fix parts of my image where there are annoyances like lens dots, but you can also use it for artistic purposes.

When using the Cloning feature on InPixio, you’ll simply need to tap part of your image and then choose where you want to clone that. You can also adjust the size of your brush to ensure that your edit is more accurate.

4. One-Click Autocorrection

If you really don’t like editing photos, the one-click autocorrection tool in InPixio might be up your alley. With a few taps, you’ll see the lighting and colors in your picture change to something that the software deems is more accurate.

You can also add background blur if you can’t do this in your camera, which is particularly helpful for portrait photos.

Other InPixio App Features

Apart from what I’ve already discussed, you can access several other features in the InPixio app. For example, there are presets and filters to save time on your editing.

The app also has each of the following:

  • A noise reduction tool for removing unwanted grain.
  • Cut-out features that let you manually remove parts of the image.
  • The option to add new backgrounds from a list of pre-designed options.

InPixio Pricing

InPixio’s pricing ranges from $49.99 – $319.99 per year, and there are three pricing plans: Studio, Studio Pro, and Studio Ultimate.

Below is a rundown of InPixio’s different pricing options:

StudioStudio ProStudio Ultimate
$49.99 per year$79.99 per year$319.99 per year

➡️ Try InPixio here

Would I Recommend Any InPixio Alternatives?

Adobe Lightroom

I’ve tried dozens of photo editing apps over my seven years as a photographer, and by far the best software I’d recommend using is Adobe Lightroom. You get access to several comprehensive features, such as color grading and the option to change the X and Y dimensions in your pictures.

The Lightroom Interface for Mac

Lightroom also has many other tools that I love using, such as calibration and color grading. Subscriptions start at $9.99 per month.

➡️ Try Adobe Lightroom here

Apple Photos

A free alternative to InPixio is Apple Photos, which includes sliders, one-click color correction, and Tone Curve editing. You can also increase the sharpness of your images, in addition to adjusting hue, saturation, and luminance. It’s one of the best Mac photo editors for beginners.

The interface for the Mac Apple Photos app

Apple Photos also allows you to edit specific colors and remove red-eye. The tool is completely free to use and already downloaded on your computer.

InPixio Pros and Cons

InPixio has several advantages, e.g., one-click background removal and color changes. You can also quickly convert files. But at the same time, I didn’t like how it took me multiple attempts to download the app (even with a stable internet connection). I also feel like the interface is a bit outdated.

Below is an overview of InPixio’s biggest pros and cons.

Free online toolsThe interface feels could do with a facelift
Transparent and straightforward pricingDownloading the app was a challenge
A reasonable number of editing tools for beginners Removing the InPixio logo requires you to sign up for an account

Would I Recommend InPixio?

InPixio has a reasonable number of features, many of which are available for a fraction of the price of Adobe Lightroom. But at the same time, I would still pay extra for Lightroom if it was a choice between the two. InPixio was hard for me to download, and I also wasn’t the biggest fan of the app’s layout.

If you need a free alternative to InPixio, I recommend Apple Photos. The app has a great range of features and you don’t need to download anything. Moreover, it’s very easy to use. Of course, you can always try out InPixio to see if it works for you, but I wouldn’t personally use it when compared to other alternatives.

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