iOS 18 Could Let You Change App Icon Color and Place It Wherever You Want

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iOS 18 is expected to introduce a feature that lets you recolor app icons and place them anywhere on the Home Screen without the restrictions of the traditional grid structure. Imagine turning all your social media app icons blue or making all your financial app icons green. This level of customization was previously only achievable through indirect methods using shortcuts.

According to Mark Gurman, iOS 18 will also allow users to place app icons wherever they want on their home screen. This means you can organize your applications in the way that suits you best, breaking free from the grid structure that has been a core element since the inception of iPhones. The unveiling of iOS 18 at WWDC in June is anticipated to bring significant changes with customization features like these. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an iPhone that is uniquely yours.

Interestingly, we still don’t know if this new customization freedom will enable users to completely change app icons or only modify their colors. Regardless, it’s a step towards more personalized devices. By highlighting artificial intelligence, iOS 18 appears to be one of the most important updates for Apple’s operating system. Besides improvements to the home screen, we expect other new features such as a revamped Notes app. Stay tuned for more exciting information about iOS 18.


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