Here’s Everything to Expect from Apple WWDC 2024

Apple’s annual developers conference, the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024, is right around the corner. Per schedule, it will kick off today at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (1:00 PM ET) and close its doors on June 14, 2024.

As has been the case since the pandemic, the upcoming WWDC will be an online event. However, developers, students, and select media will get a chance to celebrate in person at Apple Park on the opening day.

What To Expect from Apple’s WWDC 2024

The WWDC 2024 is one of the most awaited developer conferences ever, thanks to the potential software upgrades, including the debut of AI features in iOS 18, which will be the show’s spotlight. Apple’s SVP of Marketing, Greg Joswiak’s teaser, Absolutely Incredible,” suggests the main focus is AI.

There aren’t any supporting reports that suggest hardware releases, but it’s also plausible that Apple could unveil a refreshed Mac lineup with M3. For now, let’s jump into everything expected during WWDC 2024.

iOS 18

iOS 18 sits at the top of the most-anticipated announcements from WWDC 2024. Presumably, it comes hot on the heels of supporting reports of Apple’s ongoing discussions with other firms, including OpenAI, Google, Baidu, and more. Also, The company reportedly held talks with major publishers and Shutterstock to train its AI dataset.

Rumors suggest that iOS 18 will undergo a major revamp, including better customization options for the home screen. Additionally, updates to Siri, Safari, Mail, Apple Maps, Notes, and more are expected, with reports indicating that the iPhone will feature custom routes and topographic maps, first seen on the Apple Watch. Furthermore, Apple may finally bring RCS support with iOS 18.

iPadOS 18

Unlike its iPhone counterpart, there’s very little information available about the next iPadOS 18. However, I’m hoping that Apple might have some AI-focused features prepared for the next iPadOS already, which could debut into its video-editing app such as Final Cut Pro, or we might see more productivity updates in Siri and Safari.

Given that Apple has to launch new iPads this year, including the iPad Pro, iPad Air, “low-end” iPad, and iPad Mini 7, there are chances that iPadOS will finally bring the Journal app to the iPad. If luck is on our side, could we finally see a Calculator app?

macOS 15

By now, you must know what the spotlight of WWDC 2024 is: undoubtedly, it’s AI, and a significant portion of updates will likely revolve around it. Similarly, macOS 15 could also integrate AI-focused features in Spotlight, Siri, the code-writing assistant in Xcode, and more.

There’s little to know about the name of the upcoming macOS. However, MacRumors suggests that Apple has trademarked names such as Redwood, Grizzly, Sequoia, Mammoth, Pacific, Rincon, Farallon, Miramar, Condor, Diablo, and Shasta. But, it’s not certain as Apple might opt for a non-trademarked name for macOS 15.

watchOS 11

Rumors suggest that watchOS 11 could allow users to program the side button for various tasks, such as opening a different app instead of the usual Control Center. Additionally, watchOS’s Siri may receive updates with smarter AI features.

Next, I hope to see easier access to Apple Notes on the watch, which could be helpful. While some people are hopeful for third-party watch faces, it’s unlikely to happen because Apple intends for all its watches to have a consistent appearance.

tvOS 18

A smarter Siri could result in better search results on Apple TV, which I assume is what most people use it for. So, with tvOS 18, it might even start suggesting shows or movies based on what you like to watch. But even if it improves Siri’s understanding of what we say, that would be helpful too.

Normally, tvOS doesn’t receive as much attention as iOS and macOS, and I don’t think that will change this year. That aside, there will mainly be support for higher resolutions and some fixes

visionOS 2

Apple Vision Pro has a special connection with WWDC shows, as it was first shown to the public during WWDC 2023 before it made it to stores in February this year. As the device prepares to launch in other regions, Apple might showcase the visionOS 2, during the upcoming event. However, we don’t expect to see too many major changes.

With visionOS 2, Apple may introduce support for more languages, additional gesture controls, the ability to answer calls from the mixed-reality headset, and even enable users to unlock Vision Pro with a Watch or iPhone.

As it seems, the WWDC will be “Absolutely Incredible” and I can’t wait to watch these features (well, most of them) come to life. It will live stream on the Apple TV app, website, and the newly launched Apple Developer YouTube channel.

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