iOS 17.5 Update Is Reportedly Bringing Back Old Deleted Photos From iCloud

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Apple recently rolled out the latest iOS 17.5 update with multiple new features, but it seems to have a major frustrating problem. Due to this, the deleted photos resurface in users’ photo libraries, according to user reports on Reddit.

The pictures in question are those previously deleted, including ones removed “years ago,” and are reappearing in their Photos app. The users claim that the issue began after the iOS 17.5 update and is causing frustration for many users, with some claiming that deleted photos from “years ago” reappear as if they were recently taken. While it appears that iCloud might be the cause of this problem, it’s not entirely clear. 

“I checked my iPad and it also has pictures (some art work I did years ago). I feel so uncomfortable,” wrote one user on Reddit.

As you know, the Photos app normally keeps deleted pictures in a “Recently Deleted” folder for about a month. But in this case, where one user claims “years ago,” Apple hasn’t said anything about the bug, which makes multiple people worried about their privacy and how long their data is kept.

Reddit users believe that iOS 17.5 might have changed something in the Photos app, so it needed to organize the pictures again. Even if the Photos app is fixing things in iOS 17.5, it shouldn’t bring back deleted photos that users thought were gone for good.

“Isn’t it a really big thing? I mean, Apple is a privacy advocate, but if deleted files are not deleted after so many years. How can we trust it?” writes another. “I think we all know files are never deleted, there will always be traces of that file.”

The bottom line is that this situation raises questions about whether pictures are truly deleted when removed from their photo libraries, as one user claims that pictures they deleted years ago are reappearing. We await what Apple has to say on this matter.


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