iPhone 16 Pro Max Rumored to Feature Better Battery Life

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Apple might be planning to boost the battery capacity of the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max, as per analyst Ming Chi-Kuo. Kuo observes that Apple will use cells with increased “energy density,” meaning the cells will hold more power. This is why the iPhone 16 Pro Max could provide improved battery life without requiring a larger battery size. Alternatively, Cupertino could maintain the same battery life as its predecessor — the iPhone 15 Pro Max — despite using a slightly smaller battery.

This brings to mind an earlier rumor that hinted at longer battery life for all three upcoming iPhones except the iPhone 16 Plus. However, Kuo doesn’t mention this specifically, so we can’t confirm whether it’s related to this rumor or not at the moment.

There’s already talk about the iPhone 16 Pro Max being heavier than the iPhone 15 version due to rumors of it being the tallest iPhone ever. Many iPhone users, myself included, probably prefer longer battery life. However, Apple might opt to reduce the battery size to maintain the same capacity. This has benefits, like keeping the phone lighter and avoiding it being labeled the “heaviest iPhone ever.” But, let’s remember, it’s too early to make assumptions, so let’s take this with a grain of salt.

In addition, Kuo says that Apple will use a stainless steel battery case instead of aluminum as a thermal solution. For context, he explains in his full post on Medium, “Stainless steel is not as effective as aluminum in dissipating heat, but it is more robust and less susceptible to corrosion, so in addition to dissipating heat, the stainless steel battery case provides better protection for the battery and the iPhone system.” Also, using stainless steel makes sense given the EU’s rule about swapping phone batteries later on.

That being said, it’s unclear whether the iPhone 16 Pro will enjoy the same benefits or be left out, which would be unfair. Interestingly, Cupertino has brought on a new supplier, Sunway, to provide the stainless steel shells for the batteries.


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