Underclocked iPhone SE More Powerful Than Android Phones

Image of 2020 iPhone se

Some impressive news for Apple: Not only is the iPhone SE more powerful than the most expensive Android phones, it’s doing that while underclocked.

More powerful than Android phones:

Building your own mobile chipset brings many advantages, and Apple is leveraging them today. Google really needs to do the same, and soon.

Underclocked processor:

Looking at the result breakdown of the iPhone SE (2020), the CPU and GPU yield is closer to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max that are powered by an A12 Bionic platform. Memory speed is the only thing pushing the 256GB iPhone SE way ahead of the XS family with the result of 77,968, which is in line with the iPhone 11 trio.

No speculation on why it’s underclocked, but one possible reason is heat.

Check It Out: Underclocked iPhone SE More Powerful Than Android Phones

One thought on “Underclocked iPhone SE More Powerful Than Android Phones

  • The author mentioned the SE results “underwhelming”. The performance total is only 8.4% lower than the $1100 iPhone 11 Pro Max. That’s pretty incredible for a phone that is is $700 cheaper. Not that a smartphone really needs those performance numbers. What high performance software will anyone be running on a 4.7 inch screen? I like my older SE because it’s small, and fits in my pockets. It’s a phone.

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