500M iOS Users Affected by Cyberattack via Chrome Bug

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Roughly 500 million iOS users have been affected by a cyberattack that takes advantage of an iOS Chrome bug.

The attacks are the work of the eGobbler gang, researchers said, which has a track record of mounting large-scale malvertising attacks ahead of major holiday weekends. Easter is coming up, and the crooks are banking on consumers spending a lot more time than usual browsing the web on their phones.

Another research firm says this attack can also affect Safari users. Be careful this weekend.

Check It Out: 500M iOS Users Affected by Cyberattack via Chrome Bug

One thought on “500M iOS Users Affected by Cyberattack via Chrome Bug

  • Come on Kids – how many times have I told you to use a VPN; that the Mac universe is ABSOLUTELY as easy and vulnerable to hacking as a generic PC is – if you doubt me just ask and I’ll infiltrate your Mac/iOS device in minutes with your “help”. The Mac community is LUCKY they have such a tiny market share as that’s what dictates who writes what Malware for what platform.
    It’s the browsers kids, that’s the weak point – so easy to script stuff that works in the browser it’s not funny. Use a VPN and Mozilla software (the Tor browser runs on Firefox – should tell you something) – stay away from Safari and Chrome or you get what you deserve. 🎬

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