Here Are 6 Privacy Reasons You Should Delete WhatsApp


Sebastian Meineck shares six privacy reasons people should delete Facebook-owned WhatsApp from their devices.

But WhatsApp also has its flaws. On closer inspection, user privacy and data protection are no longer its priority, and plans to merge it with other Facebook-owned services like Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs are concerning.

Signal is a good open-source private messenger to use instead.

Check It Out: Here Are 6 Privacy Reasons You Should Delete WhatsApp

5 thoughts on “Here Are 6 Privacy Reasons You Should Delete WhatsApp

  • Never used What’s App, but I’m getting closer to getting rid of all other Facebook linked services. I just can’t trust them. Privacy, and security do no exist within the Facebook universe. I justified Facebook itself because I never post, only watch a few companies and groups, but they are getting to be more ‘creepy’ and I’m close to opting out. I use Instagram for posting art and poetry, but Facebook has been changing to rules and it’s getting less and less appealing.

    2021 might be the year I go facebook, and all of it’s subsidiaries, free.

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