Alexa – Stop Listening To Me

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As ever more people buy smart speaker devices likes the Amazon Echo, the privacy concerns around such devices increase too. I’ve always been somewhat wary of them. Not that I’d be discussing much of any interest, but the idea of a device sitting in my home listening out attentively for a keyword, rather freaked me out. For Tom Hoggins, those concerns got too much. He explains in the Telegraph why he unplugged his Amazon Echo Dot.

I am not usually one for tin-hat conspiracies, but with the examples mounting and the increased scrutiny on companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook (among many others) for excessive data gathering, I did start to eye Alexa with some suspicion. It then showed an increased propensity for piping up over the dinner table, playing music without being asked or blurting out random facts when the ‘Alexa’ wake word had not been uttered in earnest. By that point, it was time for Alexa to go unplugged.

Check It Out: Alexa – Stop Listening To Me

One thought on “Alexa – Stop Listening To Me

  • I agree totally. I don’t own a smart speaker (including a HomePod) nor will I.
    My privacy is worth the effort of pulling out my phone and hitting a few buttons to find out something, or play music, or whatever.
    Just say no to spybots.

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