Amazon Helps Cops Get Ring Surveillance Videos Without Warrants

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A couple weeks ago I shared news that Amazon is requiring police to promote its Ring surveillance cameras. Not that bad, I thought, because at least the police had to have the owner’s permission. But I was optimistic, because Amazon is giving police talking points on how to persuade owners, and even seizing the video footage if the owner said no.

As reported by GovTech on Friday, police can request Ring camera footage directly from Amazon, even if a Ring customer denies to provide police with the footage. It’s a workaround that allows police to essentially “subpoena” anything captured on Ring cameras.

Things like government surveillance and hacking are precisely why I will never buy smart home products. Update: A Ring spokesperson emailed me a correction: The reports that police can obtain any video from a Ring doorbell within 60 days is false. Ring will not release customer information in response to government demands without a valid and binding legal demand properly served on us. Ring objects to overbroad or otherwise inappropriate demands as a matter of course.

Check It Out: Amazon Helps Cops Get Ring Surveillance Videos Without Warrants

One thought on “Amazon Helps Cops Get Ring Surveillance Videos Without Warrants

  • On this we agree. I have no interest in a smart speaker listening in on my every word. A home camera monitoring my movements. Or connected devices telling the mothership when I’m home. No, just no. The same goes for “smart” connected door locks because whoops, the manufacturer slipped and the digital keys are out on the web. Or the police ask and they unlock it rather then the police asking me.

    No, just no.

    So far I have not seen any smart home device that was worth the price or the decreased security.

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