David Murphy has a good tip: Create an email filter for your bank so you don’t miss important messages like fraud alerts.

Get specific when you set your filters, because you don’t want to accidentally drag in phishing emails that are attempting to pose as your bank. This shouldn’t be a problem if your email service is good about eradicating spam but, when in doubt, I’d probably try to set a combined filter for emails from your bank’s exact domain that contain the word “fraud,” rather than just a filter that catches subject lines with “your bank’s name” and “fraud.”

Check It Out: Create an Email Filter for Your Bank So You Won’t Miss Important Messages

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  1. Lee Dronick

    The bank isn’t my problem, but over the last few months emails from my cell service provider stopped coming in. I assumed that they they are being caught in a spam filter somewhere so I changed my email to an iCloud alias and indeed just this morning my bill came in flagged as spam. I will whitelist the provider on my email server.

    This is one reason why I keep paper bills as well as email notifications. If I was sick or something then my wife won’t miss a payment.

    • Lee Dronick

      One more thing. The idiot at AT&T who designed the email bill notification doesn’t include the amount. It just says that “Your bill is ready for viewing” and I need to logon or call a * number. I have sent them feedback about this.

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