Darwin Mail Pro Lite Plan 1-Year Subscription: $9.99

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We have a deal on a 1-year subscription to Darwin Mail Pro Lite, a secure inbox tool designed to help you be more productive when dealing with emails and to-dos. You can organize and sort your inbox by category, sender, or subject, and it has a Reminders feature for tasks so you don’t forget them. 1-year of this service is $9.99 through our deal.

Create an Email Filter for Your Bank So You Won't Miss Important Messages

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David Murphy has a good tip: Create an email filter for your bank so you don’t miss important messages like fraud alerts.

Get specific when you set your filters, because you don’t want to accidentally drag in phishing emails that are attempting to pose as your bank. This shouldn’t be a problem if your email service is good about eradicating spam but, when in doubt, I’d probably try to set a combined filter for emails from your bank’s exact domain that contain the word “fraud,” rather than just a filter that catches subject lines with “your bank’s name” and “fraud.”

Spark 2.3.4 Adds Support for More Fonts and Text Size

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Spark 2.3.4 adds support for more fonts. Now you can choose between various fonts and pick the text size when you’re composing an email. Set a default font type and size for your messages, and Spark will remember it for all future emails. You’ll have other formatting options like text color and highlighting. You can apply different fonts to your email signature, too. As Spark’s blog post says:

The new collection of fonts in Spark gives you the ability to highlight certain phrases or points in a different font, making it easier for a busy recipient to peruse them in a single glance. Your emails will stand out from the crowd and help you leave a lasting impression on the recipient. There are many corporate environments that require a specific family of font to be used in company emails, and Spark will help you write better emails in both personal and professional use-cases.

App Store: Free

Spark 2.3.4 Adds Support for More Fonts and Text Size

There's Finally an App For Email Newsletters

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I just discovered this app yesterday and I’m genuinely excited by it. Stoop is an app that manages your email newsletters. Once you create an account, it gives you a unique email to use when you want to sign up for a newsletter. That way, newsletters go directly to the app, and not your email inbox. There are collections of newsletters inside, broken down by categories like tech, news, crypto, sports, finance, and more. Plus you’ll find curated lists of newsletters. It’s also easy to unsubscribe to newsletters you no longer want. You can link other email accounts and forward newsletters to your Stoop email. There are no notifications either; you’ll be reading the newsletters on your own time, when you want. App Store: Free

There’s Finally an App For Email Newsletters

How to Set Up and Use Gmail Delegates

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Today’s Quick Tip is all about using Gmail’s delegates feature. With this, you can allow people you trust to read and respond to your messages without them having to know your password! It’s cool and very handy in an office environment, especially.

How to Empty the Trash in Outlook for Mac

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If you use Outlook on your Mac instead of Apple Mail, then it’s important for you to know that the program doesn’t empty its trash automatically. If you’d like to clear out old stuff within Outlook, then, come read this Quick Tip! We’ll give you plenty of options on how to do so.

Outlook for Mac: Configuring (and Disabling!) Swipes

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There’s something Microsoft Outlook does better than Apple Mail (gasp!): It’ll allow you to customize and disable swipes on messages to archive them, delete them, flag them, and so on. In today’s Quick Tip, we’ll tell you how! And we may end up having to apologize to Apple for giving them a hard time.

Quick Apple Video Tip on Managing Multiple Emails on iPad

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Check out this video tip from Apple on working with multiple emails at a time on iPad. This is a new feature to me, and I bet for a lot of other people, too. The short version is that you can use the handle at the top of an email you’re writing to drag it down to the bottom of your screen, where it stays docked. That allows you to peruse your inbox. If you have just one docked email, tapping it brings it back up. If you have more than one, it gives you a Safari tab-like view to pick the one you want. It’s a nifty feature. Oh, and it works in portrait and landscape mode.