Cloudflare Moves to Fight Email Phishing and Improve Email Routing

cloudflare email wizard

On Monday Cloudflare announced a pair of features designed to improve protective efforts against email phishing and spoofing, and a Wizard that improves email routing.

Emails With Cloudflare

First, Cloudflare Email Routing is designed to simplify the way you create and manage email addresses, without needing to keep an eye on additional mailboxes. Cloudflare Email Routing service acts as an intelligent router at the transport layer, handling and modifying the SMTP envelope to deliver the message at its final destination but preserving the original headers and keeping the body intact. This approach ensures that things like SPF, DKIM, and other security or anti-spam protocols don’t break and the recipient stays protected.

Second, the new Email Security DNS Wizard can be used to create DNS records that prevent others from sending malicious emails on behalf of your domain. This new feature also warns users about insecure DNS configurations on their domain and shows recommendations on how to fix them. The feature will first be rolled out to users on the Free plan and over the next weeks be made available for Pro, Business and Enterprise customers.

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