How to Use Photographic Styles With Your iPhone 13

iPhone 13 standard photographic style

iPhone photographers can enjoy a new feature with their iPhone 13 called Photographic Styes. It’s available with all of the models in the iPhone 13 product line.

Photographic Styles

Photographic Styles use on-device machine learning to change the look of your photo as you’re taking it. Multiframe image processing intelligently applies adjustments with exposure and warmth while preserving accurate skin tones. Styles are different than the filters you can apply in image editing because they work in real time and you can’t change the style in post-production.

There are five styles to choose from:

  • Standard – 0 Tone, 0 Warmth. The default, balanced style.
  • Rich Contrast – -50 Tone, 0 Warmth. Darker shadows, richer colors, and stronger contrast.
  • Vibrant – +50 Tone, 0 Warmth. Bright, vivid colors.
  • Warm – 0 Tone, +50 Warmth. Golden undertones create a warm look.
  • Cool – 0 Tone, -50 Warmth. Blue undertones create a cool look.

You can apply a style in Settings > Camera > Photographic Styles. You can also change the style when the camera is active by finding the icon with three squares. Do note that Photographic Styles can’t be used for RAW photos, so if you don’t see the icon then turn RAW off.

iPhone 13 photographic styles

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