Working conditions in Amazon’s fulfillment centers have long been a matter of controversy. Now, a number of pregnant women who worked in the warehouses are filing lawsuits. CNET looked into the cases.

CNET reviewed seven lawsuits against Amazon filed by pregnant warehouse workers who were fired over the last eight years and alleged that the company failed to accommodate their needs. The requests included longer bathroom breaks and fewer continuous hours on their feet, according to the lawsuits, but in all of the cases the expectant mothers were fired after telling their managers they were pregnant. Six of the cases were settled out of court. These cases fuel the perception that Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos have created grueling conditions at their US fulfillment centers in the rush to build the online marketplace for everything.

Check It Out: Amazon Fired Pregnant Women. Now They Are Suing.

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  1. Jax2_Ciera

    it is sad about these women’s stories. I personally know a woman who was pregnant and still works at my FC. Accommodations very with each FC, but personally havent heard any woman having issues with getting them.

  2. geoduck

    Amazon sells you s***
    They treat their employees like s***
    Because they don’t give a s***
    Like Walmart, I try not to buy from them.

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