This Website Exposes Apple Censorship in China

A new website called exposes how the company censors apps in China at the behest of the government.

A new website exposes the extent to which Apple cooperates with Chinese government internet censorship, blocking access to Western news sources, information about human rights and religious freedoms, and privacy-enhancing apps that would circumvent the country’s pervasive online surveillance regime.

I’m a fan of Apple, privacy, and Apple’s stance on privacy. That being said I think whenever Apple mentions privacy on its website there should be an asterisk with fine print saying: “We believe privacy is a fundamental human right except in these cases.”

Check It Out: This Website Exposes Apple Censorship in China

4 thoughts on “This Website Exposes Apple Censorship in China

  • One danger for Apple is that the other governments will demand the same sort of unrestricted data access and backdoors that Apple seems only too willing to provide to China and Russia.

  • Definitely true that Apple’s commitment to privacy doesn’t extend to China or Russia. It’s laughable for them to claim otherwise.

    That being said, does anyone really expect Apple to shut down its iPhone manufacturing business?

    1. “Hi, this is Tim. As you know, human rights are very important to us at Apple, so as of today we have decided to commence an orderly shutdown of our iPhone division. We expect this to eliminate approximately 75% of our operating income for the year 2020.”

  • If they want to do business in China then they will want to play ball with the government. Not to mention that so many components, and assembly of products, come from China.

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