Luke Kurtis shares his story of how Apple disabled his account after he unknowingly bought a fraudulent iTunes gift card. Although he eventually got his account restored, it took two months to get it back.

Had I not taken advantage of my internal Apple contacts, I may not have gotten my account back. I spent a large part of those two months in a kind of grief, mourning not only the loss of a collection of media built up over a decade and a half, but also all the products I owned that no longer functioned as they were supposed to. The company I had given so much money to over the years could revoke my access to everything with just the press of a button.

That’s pretty scary stuff. Now that Apple Card is a product, imagine getting locked out of your account, unable to pay off your Card because there isn’t a way to do it online.

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  1. CudaBoy

    This is why I call some of the Apple fan boys clones, and drones. Why are you using iTunes? Haven’t you been paying attention? Why would you have anything to do with Apple’s scrips? Haven’t you been paying attention? It’s like the suckers buying the Macbooks and then crying when the screen goes dead because of a bad design or a 5¢ bad connector – and Apple says you need a new logic board – then they cry – haven’t you been paying attention? The eco system paradigm in general – haven’t you been paying attention? I have zero sympathy for clones.
    Meanwhile you can walk into stores in China and shove stuff in a bag and walk off and you are billed without flashing ANY money, credit card, Chip or dongle, no scanning just bag n leave; truly cashless thing developing over there; what does Apple do? Come out with a credit card? That says it all. 📺

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