Apple Music Alternative Playlist Renamed ‘ALT CTRL’

Apple is slowly rebranding Apple Music, and its latest efforts include renaming the Apple Music alternative playlist to ALT CTRL.

The playlist, which features 50 songs, will change every week. Each song is hand selected by a group of curators. The songs featured have less to do with genre, and more to do with overall feel and themes.

“ALT CTRL, formerly known as The A-List: Alternative, is where you’ll find the best of those new left-of-center tunes.” reads the Editors’ notes on the new ALT CTRL page, “Alternative is more an attitude than a sound—music that colors just a bit outside the lines.”

Check It Out: Apple Music Alternative Playlist Renamed ‘ALT CTRL’

One thought on “Apple Music Alternative Playlist Renamed ‘ALT CTRL’

  • This is getting like sports teams that change their names so often, if you don’t follow the sport, you wont’ have any idea what people are talking about.
    Great for insiders and frequent users. Lousy for newcomers.
    And just plain stupid marketing.

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