Which Browser is the Most Private and Secure?

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Zubair Khan put together a list of popular web browsers and tested them to figure out which was the most private and secure.

To decide which browser is the best for privacy and security, we will evaluate them using two criteria: Available security features [and ]embedded Privacy Tools. Each browser will be rated out of five and will be ranked accordingly.

The browsers he tested: Chrome, Internet Explorer (Not Edge?), Safari, Firefox, Chromium, Opera, and Tor browser.

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2 thoughts on “Which Browser is the Most Private and Secure?

  • I won’t use chrome. Just don’t trust the largest advertising company in the world to NOT access private data displayed in their browser. I do use chromium, but only for specific, trusted, financial websites and only when run in a separate container – away from other applications and without any direct access to permanent storage. Firejail is how to accomplish that, but it isn’t perfect either; just provides another layer of protection. My day to day secure browser is firefox – with all the issues it has, but I disable javascript, java, flash, and remove all locally stored tracking objects nightly. Also only allow session cookies and never allow 3rd party cookies. With all this stuff disabled, the web is a very different place.

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