Chinese Hackers Threaten the Internet and Democracy

Over the past decade Chinese hackers have been increasingly attacking the United States and other countries that threaten the hegemony of The Party.

Many thought the internet would bring democracy to China. Instead it empowered rampant government oppression, and now the censors are turning their attention to the rest of the world.

Chinese hacking groups fall under the category of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). The United States and China have this weird, sadomasochistic relationship, and while I don’t believe in trade wars, I think it’s important we send a message that the U.S. won’t tolerate such egregious behavior from our partners.

Check It Out: Chinese Hackers Threaten the Internet and Democracy

3 thoughts on “Chinese Hackers Threaten the Internet and Democracy

  • This, of course, points out the stupidity of the US people. Rather than excoriating China, the politically correct wants to pretend that we have to treat them fairly. If not, we are then branded as xenophobic and intolerant.

    Sorry folks… as someone who has worked in areas I cannot talk about, the damned Chinese have been attacking this country for years. It has nothing to do with xenophobia or any of the other claptrap that the ultra-lefties want to try to guilt us with. In fact, the Chinese count on it! They are leveraging the bleeding-hearts to prevent the nationwide rejection of their goods and services. They are counting on that politically correct attitude so they can steal your intellectual property right from under your rose-colored glasses. It’s done with impunity and if you question it, you must be xenophobic or intolerant.

    The Chinese don’t care about you. They want to feed you the BRAVO SIERRA so you buy their goods. When you don’t, they’ll steal your information and sell it back to you cheaper. Why? It gives them power. That’s all they want is power. They want to rule the world in their vision. And they are accomplishing it using US technology and the “morality” that prevents the US from doing what is needed to put them in their place.

    BTW: The US already lost Africa. The Chinese are selling US-invented technology to countries we refuse to do business with for “moral” reasons.

    It might take longer than my lifetime, but thanks to the politically correct, they have ceded being the world’s superpower to an immoral government. That is the legacy you are leaving for your children and grandchildren. Sleep tight!

  • Had a conversation with a coworker about how US companies got in bed with the largest Communist country in the world for the sake of increasing profits. “What?”, he replied. “China”, I said. His reply, “China is Communist?” US companies are reaping what they sowed and again, US citizens are paying for it. Sadly, CEOs like Tim Cook have no clue how to extricate themselves from the situation they created and they only care when it affects company profits. US business threatens the Internet and Democracy.

    Why would anyone need hackers when companies provide the information?:

    1. China is a totalitarian state. There are no Communist countries. They used Marxist rhetoric (along with Cuba, The Soviet Union, North Korea, etc) to keep themselves in power. How does a Communist country have a middle class and billionaires?

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