Some Companies Don’t Like iOS 13 Location Privacy Feature

Apple’s icon to denote privacy.

App developers wrote a letter to Apple saying how much they don’t like iOS 13 location privacy rules, accusing the company of anti-competitive behavior.

We understand that there were certain developers, specifically messaging apps, that were using this as a backdoor to collect user data. While we agree loopholes like this should be closed, the current Apple plan to remove [access to the internet voice feature] will have unintended consequences: it will effectively shut down apps that have a valid need for real-time location.

The letter was signed by Tile CEO CJ Prober; Arity (Allstate) president Gary Hallgren; CEO of Life360, Chris Hullsan; CEO of dating app Happn, Didier Rappaport; CEO of Zenly (Snap), Antoine Martin; CEO of Zendrive, Jonathan Matus; and chief strategy officer of social networking app Twenty, Jared Allgood.

A helpful list of all the apps I’ll never download. I hope Apple does more when it comes to privacy.

Check It Out: Some Companies Don’t Like iOS 13 Location Privacy Feature

4 thoughts on “Some Companies Don’t Like iOS 13 Location Privacy Feature

      1. Exactly – using location data without permission is not on – if you don’t like the rules of the kitchen, get out of my kitchen. That’s not anti-competitive, that’s enforcing a privacy policy that you don’t like. Tough. Go play in the Android pit.

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