5 thoughts on “You’ll Be Able to Convert Your Logins to Sign In With Apple

  • Nothing they shouldn’t be saying about sign in with Google, Facebook – neither of these can be realistically recognised as trusted authentication providers – or shouldn’t be – whereas a full-blown Apple ID has a lot more verifiable information about the user/customer and the capability for secure 2FA. I know which logon I’d be choosing.

  • I thought I followed Apple news pretty closely. I’m on TMO and other sights multiple times per day. Bit I had no idea what Apple Sign In was. If I heard about it it was buried in a mass of other new features from Apple and it made no impression. So I read the attached article. My reaction is simple:

    What a horrible idea.

    Yes signing in with my Apple ID sounds convenient, and yes Apple has a good record of keeping private data private. But my Apple ID has a credit card attached. The same is not true of FaceBook, or Google, or Disqus etc., etc. If there is a hack of a site and my Disqus credentials get stolen I really don’t give a ****. If the same happens and it’s my Apple ID, I’m in for a mess of panicked changing of passwords and deleting card numbers, and a couple of months of watching for bogus charges.

    So why is this a good thing?

    1. When you use Sign In with Apple, you can choose to hide your real email address from the app or website. It can generate a random one that forwards email to your real email. So if an app gets hacked, you can delete your login and your Apple ID will be safe.

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