Security researcher Patrick Wardle writes that the Lazarus group’s RAT malware has been targeting macOS for the first time. MalwareBytes also published a report (and the source of my quote below). It was found to be distributed with a two-factor authentication app called MinaOTP, commonly used by Chinese users.

We believe this Mac variant of the Dcals RAT is associated with the Lazarus group, also known as Hidden Cobra and APT 38, an infamous North Korean threat actor performing cyber espionage and cyber-crime operations since 2009.

The group is known to be one of the most sophisticated actors, capable of making custom malware to target different platforms. The discovery of this Mac RAT shows that this APT group is constantly developing its malware toolset.

The conclusion I’m drawing is that it’s unlikely to affect most Mac users.

Check It Out: Lazarus Group’s Dacls RAT Affects Macs for the First Time

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