Check out this detailed look at Apple Maps in iOS 13 at MacStories. New features, a new look, and an aggressive move to make Apple Maps rival or beat Google Maps, make this a significant upgrade, and MacStories lay it all out.

Timed with the spread of its first-party mapping data, Apple is giving the Maps app a big upgrade in iOS 13 that represents the company’s biggest push yet to overtake Google Maps as the world’s most trusted, go-to mapping service. Apple Maps in iOS 13 represents – if you’re in the US at least – Apple’s purest vision to date for a modern mapping service. Here’s everything that it brings.

Check It Out: Detailed Look at Apple Maps in iOS 13

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  1. Lee Dronick

    What I am not seeing is a way to use waypoints. Say that I want to travel from Home to Perdition with stops at Palookaville and Shelbyville. Currently I have to manually do each leg of the journey, write down the distance and time.

    I would also like more options when choosing a route. Not just the most direct and one or two alternatives, but a way to select the scenic route.

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