The Senate Judiciary Committee is preparing to hear testimony from app developers regarding the App Store. In preparation, Fight For The Future has created

By centralizing software distribution through the App Store, Apple is upholding the unjust laws of authoritarian regimes and restricting innovation in the mobile software industry. We believe that iOS should work like every other general purpose computing system, including Apple’s own MacOS. Developers should be free to create — and users should be free to install — software directly onto the devices that they own without asking for Apple’s permission.

Check It Out: Digital Rights Group Calls on Congress to Abolish the App Store

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  1. paikinho

    I want the reasonably priced and safer walled garden. For those who don’t then jailbreak. ….. apps and trojans to ones hearts content. But oddly in the marketplace people are choosing safety and security over free wheeling wild west sort of existence. Those who don’t may make other choices in the marketplace… aka.. Android phones or even a few other Linux based options.

    Basically people arguing for abolishing Apples way of doing things are arguing about destroying the very thing I like about it and why I currently buy Apple.

    Go pick your own other devices people and leave mine alone.

  2. Frank Carlet

    I too disagree with abolishing the App Store. The Digital Rights Group threatens to expose IOS/iPadOS users to hackers, scammers and thieves. This is one area where a little chaos is not a desirable outcome.

  3. Lee Dronick

    I disgree. The Walled Garden protects us from software created by authoritative and fascist regimes, not to mention criminals.

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