Every Apple TV Original Series Ranked, But Not Really

Every Apple TV Original Series Ranked But Not Really

The major omissions from the list, Foundation and Invasion, give me pause. Those series both have huge followings, and I’m baffled at their exclusion. That being said, this ranking of “worst to best” definitely shows the quality Apple is demanding from its original series. The second-worst, Dickinson, is a brilliant comedy loved by the critics and audiences alike. Even the worst-ranked show earned an 85% score from Rotten Tomatoes.

Straight out of the gate, Apple established itself as a dominant programming force and continues to pile on the hits two years later. With the return to television at the end of the month of The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and a new comedy series starring superstars Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell, it’s easy to see why Apple’s content generates so much buzz. While the following list ranks the drama and comedy offerings of Apple TV+ Originals from worst to best, it’s clear worst hardly means bad where Apple is concerned.

Check It Out: Every Apple TV Original Series Ranked, But Not Really

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