A court order is forcing the FCC to once again ask the public’s opinion on whether gutting net neutrality was a good idea. And just like last time, the agency is doing everything possible to distract, deflect, and defend.

In a reminder of just how petty federal telecoms regulation has become, the FCC can’t even take this implicit rebuke professionally. And so it attempted to hide the reality of the situation by flooding its announcements website on Wednesday with suddenly important news and describing the public comment period in the most obscure terms possible.

Check It Out: FCC Forced to Get Public Opinion on Net Neutrality

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  1. wab95


    Chairman Pai’s FCC petty?


    Flooding the zone has become the norm these days once one’s embarrassing deeds are exposed to the light of day.

    Without public response and engagement, however, exposure means nothing.

    Now, if only the public would heed Jean-Luc Picard, and ‘Engage!’.

    • Paul Goodwin

      I think I saw over 23 million comments have been submitted – I didn’t see any that didn’t say they support net neutrality.

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