Every Final Fantasy Soundtrack Now on Apple Music

Square Enix has released every Final Fantasy soundtrack on Apple Music and Spotify. Search for “Final Fantasy original soundtrack.”

There’s been no mention of it on Square Enix’s social media channels, even the Final Fantasy-specific one. But it likely has to do with a special concert being given this week for FF VII, the remake of which is almost certain to appear at E3. I’ve listened to a few tracks and it all seems legit. The only thing is that many of the titles are in Japanese — so it might be difficult to pick out your favorite character’s theme or what have you if you don’t, you know, speak that language.

Check It Out: Every Final Fantasy Soundtrack Now on Apple Music

One thought on “Every Final Fantasy Soundtrack Now on Apple Music

  • This includes the hundreds of tracks composed for the MMO Final Fantasy XIV, which I believe holds the world record for most music tracks in a game. The vast majority of the tracks were composed by the amazingly prolific Masayoshi Soken, though some of the main themes were composed by legendary Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu.

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