The Version Museum has a visual history of 22 years of Apple website design history, starting in 1994.

Version Museum is devoted to showcasing the visual history of popular websites, games, apps, and operating systems that have shaped our lives.

The biggest change is the evolution of that tab bar at the top of the website, going from light to dark.

Check It Out: 22 Years of Apple Website Design History Visualized

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  1. Old UNIX Guy

    Wow, what a trip down memory lane … I was enjoying it until I saw that in the early 2000’s you could buy a Power Mac G4 for only $500 more than the stand that holds up the $5,000 monitor that Apple wants you to use with their $6,000 Mac Pro…

    Old UNIX Guy

    P.S. Even in 2007 the cheese grater Mac Pro started at HALF the price of the monitor (sans stand) that Apple announced earlier this week…

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