FTC Settles With App Maker ‘Tapjoy’, Blames Apple in Process

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The FTC has reached a settlement with Tapjoy over claims that is used false advertising offers for in-game rewards that weren’t given to users.

But regulators also said Apple and Google helped create the environment that squeezes mobile gaming industry players and incentivizes them to find other monetization models that may have unsavory consequences for consumers.

Tapjoy runs a platform that lets users complete activities, like signing up for a free trial or downloading and running an app, in exchange for in-game virtual currency. It earns commissions from third-party advertisers who want to entice users to perform these tasks.

I think if a company is willing to do “unsavory things” to people, it probably doesn’t need to be forced into doing so. On Apple’s side, Tapjoy possibly ran afoul of review guideline 3.2.2 (vi).

Check It Out: FTC Settles With App Maker ‘Tapjoy’, Blames Apple in Process

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