Galaxy Fold Could Be Delayed Beyond June

Samsung Galaxy Fold

More problems reported for the Samsung Galaxy Fold. According to local outlet The Korean Herald, the launch of the much-maligned device could be delayed beyond June. Samsung has taken longer than expected to fix the problems that beset the Galaxy Fold’s initial rollout.

It has been more than one month since the South Korean tech giant officially announced the postponement of the foldable device’s launch in the United States, but it keeps maintaining that a new schedule will be announced in “coming weeks.” Some telecom officials say that the launch is likely to take place after June, Samsung’s initial goal. Since the firm has been conducting network connection tests on devices with local mobile carriers, the process of addressing the display defect is known by industry sources. However, the company denied such speculation saying, “The improvement process is taking place extremely confidentially, and comments from telecom industry sources can’t be confirmed.”

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2 thoughts on “Galaxy Fold Could Be Delayed Beyond June

  • It was rushed to release like all of Samsung products. They got there first but they always forget to quality test it as well. If Apple did anything like this it’s stock would be free falling like a meteor! It’s obvious that the display although foldable once or twice doesn’t have the durability to do it more than that. Something that should have been meticulously tested in a lab first that apparently wasn’t done.

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