Gizmodo Plans to Publish the Facebook Papers, Explaining the Decision

logos for Facebook and Meta. Photo by Dima Solomin on Unsplash

Partnering with experts from NYU, Mass Amherst, Columbia, Marquette, and the ACLU, Gizmodo is planning to publish the Facebook Papers. It would be the first media outlet to do so.

We believe there’s a strong public need in making as many of the documents public as possible, as quickly as possible. To that end, we’ve partnered with a small group of independent monitors, who are joining us to establish guidelines for an accountable review of the documents prior to publication. The mission is to minimize any costs to individuals’ privacy or the furtherance of other harms while ensuring the responsible disclosure of the greatest amount of information in the public interest.

I look forward to storing a copy of the archive.

Check It Out: Gizmodo Plans to Publish the Facebook Papers, Explaining the Decision

One thought on “Gizmodo Plans to Publish the Facebook Papers, Explaining the Decision

  • Andrew:

    It took me a moment to realise that by FB Papers, your article did not intend the WSJ series of the same name, the Gizmodo republication of which I found confusing, but those leaked by Ms Haugen.

    Gizmodo et al should be applauded for a true public service; more so if the committee can make good on their commitment to engage people from the respective countries which are the subject of some of those papers.

    Social scientists, intelligence officers, psychologists, and analysts across sectors are going to have a field day poring over this trove. Malfeasants will study the countermeasures to their exploits and reverse engineer their way out of those as well as take proactive measures against future ones, and exploit any expose vulnerabilities identified in these papers.

    This release will be of benefit to everyone, though not all study will be to everyone’s benefit. Behaviour will change. The cybersecurity and intelligence communities should anticipate the unexpected, namely novel, adapted social media exploits unlike any seen before.

    Thanks for the update.

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