Hilarious Deconstruction of Microsoft’s ‘Mac Book’ Surface Commercial

The Next Web has a hilarious deconstruction of Microsoft’s Meet Mackenzie “Mac” Book commercial. If you haven’t already seen this ridiculous commercial, watch it. You’ll probably be mad at me for telling you to do that, but your reward will be Callum Booth’s excellent snarkfest at TNW. Here’s a snippet, where he questions the premise of the commercial star’s name, Mac Book.

What are your credentials here, bud?

Just because my last name is ‘Booth’ doesn’t mean I have any understanding how phone booths or toll booths actually operate. You wouldn’t come to me if you were planning on upgrading a selection of traffic kiosks on the strength of my surname. I can categorically say that’d be the worst mistake you’d ever make. My entire selection rationale would revolve around which booth I think looks the most bitching, which, unfortunately, is no way to actually run a business.

I’m sorry, Mac Book, but I do not value your opinion on this matter.

Check It Out: Hilarious Deconstruction of Microsoft’s ‘Mac Book’ Surface Commercial

2 thoughts on “Hilarious Deconstruction of Microsoft’s ‘Mac Book’ Surface Commercial

  • Personally, I don’t want greasy fingerprints all over my Mac’s screen. And I don’t do the same things on an iPad that I do on the computer, so making a laptop out of an iPad compromises it’s perfection at what it does. And as for Windows versus the Mac OS, I’ll take the Mac OS. I have Macs, iPads and PCs in the house. I use them all regularly. There’s virtually nothing that I do on the PC that I wouldn’t be doing on a Mac if my employer would let me. And the constant updates required for Windows and Microsoft software consumes way too much of my life. And the Win10 user interface still has some of the ugliness of Windows 2

  • Actually, I agree with the ad. The only take-down needed is, so why does MacBook sell better? Given Windows’ dominance, is the experience still better with MacBook?

    See also Marco Arment’s comments about watching a Surface user on a plane do everything on one device, when he had to swap between iPad Pro and MacBook Pro.

    Apple has been so distracted by iPhone, it hasn’t updated macOS for the 21st century. Each product should be able to justify itself, Apple says. So, bring touch and Pencil to Mac and let’s see IPad Pro justify itself. iPad is for people who don’t need a Mac, so why does Apple persist with increasingly awkward kludges to make it a laptop?

    Apple could do a better ad comparing iPad Pro to Surface and conclude…, and that’s just an iPad…

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