Growing Questions around Huawei’s Links to Chinese State

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Despite insisting on its independence, the questions around Huawei’s connections to the Chinese government have grown in recent months. CFO Meng Wanzhou remains under effective house arrest in Canada and the U.S. is preparing to ask for her extradition. Western firms stopped using Huawei technology for key infrastructure, particularly around the roll-out of the 5G network. Wired looked at what is really going on.

It has been suggested the Chinese state could put pressure on Huawei to install backdoors into its products which would allow China to spy on network traffic, potentially on a global scale. Political leaders have also questioned Huawei founder Ren, who was an engineer in China’s army and joined the ruling Communist Party in 1978. Similar concerns have previously been raised around Russian security firm Kaspersky, and its connections to intelligence services in the country.

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One thought on “Growing Questions around Huawei’s Links to Chinese State

  • When you have a dictatorial one party state, the idea of an independent company is absurd.
    It’s not just Huawei an China. When I found out Kasperski was based in Russia I made a point of moving away from any Malware software that used their sore. the risk is just too great.

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