Mark Zuckerberg’s Op-Ed is Tone Deaf

Mark Zuckerberg has written an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, and it’s as tone deaf as ever.

Sometimes this means people assume we do things that we don’t do. For example, we don’t sell people’s data, even though it’s often reported that we do. In fact, selling people’s information to advertisers would be counter to our business interests, because it would reduce the unique value of our service to advertisers. We have a strong incentive to protect people’s information from being accessed by anyone else.

Any service that relies on ad money means the advertiser is the customer. I’d love to hear from an advertiser that would refuse access to peoples’ personal information. Facebook may not sell that data directly to advertisers but you can bet it sells access to the data. Two different words that point to the same destination.

Check It Out: Mark Zuckerberg’s Op-Ed is Tone Deaf

One thought on “Mark Zuckerberg’s Op-Ed is Tone Deaf

  • On Facebook the other day a friend and I were discussing San Diego Area history. The next day I was being presented with ads for Southern California museums and historical societies, that is like advertising coal in Newcastle.

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