iOS 12 Automation: A Deep Dive Into Shortcuts

Federico Viticci wrote another killer piece at MacStories about iOS 12 automation with Shortcuts. It’s an informative article wherein he explains the difference between “Shortcuts the app and Shortcuts the feature.” The app replaces Workflow, but Shortcuts as a feature is a powerful new way to customize Siri. Apple is optimizing Siri in a different way than Google and Microsoft can, and it leverages the power of people, similar to services like IFTTT.

On the surface, Shortcuts the app looks like the full-blown Workflow replacement heavy users of the app have been wishfully imagining for the past year. But there is more going on with Shortcuts than the app alone. Shortcuts the feature, in fact, reveals a fascinating twofold strategy: on one hand, Apple hopes to accelerate third-party Siri integrations by leveraging existing APIs as well as enabling the creation of custom SiriKit Intents; on the other, the company is advancing a new vision of automation through the lens of Siri and proactive assistance from which everyone – not just power users – can reap the benefits.

Check It Out: iOS 12 Automation: A Deep Dive Into Shortcuts

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