Apple relies on China for a huge part of its manufacturing needs. But why can’t the company bring it back to the United States? Custom screws.

The challenges in Texas illustrate problems that Apple would face if it tried to move a significant amount of manufacturing out of China. Apple has found that no country — and certainly not the United States — can match China’s combination of scale, skills, infrastructure and cost.

Manufacturing and cheap labor are the reasons why Apple and other companies go to China. The GOP can talk about bringing jobs like that back, but it’s not an easy problem to solve.

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  1. John Kheit

    Idiotic story by the times. A) if you can’t get enough screws you suck at operations. B) if you can’t design your machine to use easy to get screws, you suck at operations. Either way, America isn’t the problem, it’s garbage operations doing the screwing.

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