iPhone XR was a Christmas Best Seller

iPhone XR was a Christmas best seller this year, along with iPads. Analytics data show the iPad 6th gen had an activation increase of 219%, and the 11-inch iPad Pro came in second at 125%.

In order to achieve this, we examined our vast mobile data over Christmas this year, looking specifically at the volume of new devices that entered the market. As a reminder, this data only consists of devices that users activated for the first time and began using apps in.

On one hand we have news saying the iPhone XR was a failure, and on the other hand we find that the iPhone XS and XR have close to the same market share. Now, that doesn’t mean much if the iPhone XS share is low too, but the news seems to be focused on the iPhone XR specifically as the poster child for Apple doom.

Check It Out: iPhone XR was a Christmas Best Seller

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