Walmart ‘Jetstream’ Routers Contain Backdoors

Walmart Jetstream router

Researchers found backdoors found in Jetstream routers that lets a hacker remotely control the router and any device connected to it. This router is sold exclusively at Walmart.

CyberNews reached out to Walmart for comment and to understand whether they were aware of the Jetstream backdoor, and what they plan to do to protect their customers. After we sent information about the affected Jetstream device, a Walmart spokesperson informed CyberNews: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are looking into the issue to learn more. The item in question is currently out of stock and we do not have plans to replenish it.”

Bad news for owners of these routers, but at least Walmart won’t sell them anymore.

Check It Out: Walmart ‘Jetstream’ Routers Contain Backdoors

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