Laurene Powell Jobs is amongst a number of wealthy Americans increasingly investing in media. For example, in November 2018 her Emerson Collective purchased the company behind the Sunday Magazine and Pop-Up Magazine. She also bought a major stake in the Atlantic in 2017. The widow of late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs discussed her vision of the future of media with Re/Code‘s Kara Swisher.

Our issue areas are those that we think are the most calcified and the most important that reflect the American values and that are important to democracy. So we work in education, we work in immigration, we work in environment. And outside of that, it started to become really obvious to us that the cultural narrative, that the kind of in-depth journalism that exposes the injustices in these fields was under attack from both a business model point of view …

Check It Out: Laurene Powell Jobs on the Future of Media and Democracy

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