Lawyers who are working from home are encouraged to turn off devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home because these products may eavesdrop.

“Perhaps we’re being slightly paranoid, but we need to have a lot of trust in these organizations and these devices,” Hancock said. “We’d rather not take those risks.”

The firm worries about the devices being compromised, less so with name-brand products like Alexa, but more so for cheap knock-off devices, he added.

It’s definitely not just cheap knock-offs.

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  1. MacHeritage

    I can’t believe they are just coming out with this warning now. Hopefully more people wake up about the spying abilities of these Internet enabled devices.
    If an iPod Touch can be used to listen into everything (personal experience, learned the hard way), these “speakers” with microphones are glorious spy devices without question. I wouldn’t use or have any of them in the house! Device + Microphone + Internet = Full spying ability enabled

  2. W. Abdullah Brooks, MD


    That’s right, don’t trust those cheapo knockoffs. Crikey, everybody knows that.

    You should get something more expensive from a trusted source, like the Facebook Portal, which features Alexa (I know, right?! Rock solid!). Yessiree. Better still, put that puppy in your bedroom where nobody is likely come snooping about, you know, and do that thingie that Bryan Chaffin was warning about.

    Facebook with Alexa. I’m telling you.

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