Lightroom Bug Deleted Peoples’ Photos, They’re Not Recoverable

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The latest update to Adobe’s Lightroom app for iOS and iPadOS had a bug that deleted peoples’ photos and presets that weren’t already synced to Creative Cloud. The company says they are unrecoverable and has a bit more information here.

“I’ve talked with customer service for 4+ hours over the past 2 days and just a minute ago they told me that the issue has no fix and that these lost photos are unrecoverable,” wrote the user. “Adobe is unbelievable some times. All I got was a ‘we’re sincerely sorry’ and nothing else. 2+ years of photo edits just gone because of Adobe and all they give is a sorry, lmao.”

Check It Out: Lightroom Bug Deleted Peoples’ Photos, They’re Not Recoverable

2 thoughts on “Lightroom Bug Deleted Peoples’ Photos, They’re Not Recoverable

  • Yet some companies (like Adobe and others…) think it is perfectly acceptable to enable automatic app updating. They know they NEVER make mistakes. Several years ago a Mac OS update deleted the Ethernet driver, knocking updated Macs off the Internet. Users had to find another way to get the deleted file back onto the affected Mac. And a couple of years ago an Adobe Mac app update automatically created a folder in the users Documents folder that overwrote (without warning) a folder with the same name that the user had previously manually created. This deleted a lot of user files and made a lot of Adobe customers very unhappy. But software developers never make mistakes. Software developers have large underpaid quality assurance organizations that will always prevent such errors from happening. USER BEWARE: never ever allow automatic updates when the developer allows you to disable automatic updates. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is one app that does NOT allow the user to disable automatic updates. Thanks Adobe for being so smart and confidant that you never make mistakes…

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