Andrew Brandt reports on a new malware campaign that isn’t like your typical malware. This one blocks people from accessing many popular pirating websites.

We weren’t able to discern a provenance for this malware, but its motivation seemed pretty clear: It prevents people from visiting software piracy websites (if only temporarily), and sends the name of the pirated software the user was hoping to use to a website, which also delivers a secondary payload.

Looks like this is aimed more towards Windows users. The malware takes the form of .EXE executables, and may display a message saying the victim is missing an important .DLL file.

Check It Out: New Malware Infects Software Pirates and Blocks The Pirate Bay

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  1. W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

    Well shiver me timbres, if pirates ain’t be hoisted on their own petards! Argh!

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