Archivists Want to Support LibGen With Resources

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Library Genesis (LibGen) is a pirate website containing 33 terabytes of books, comics, scientific papers, and more. Countries and science publishers are constantly trying to take it down, along with its sister site SciHub. But a new project has been launched to help LibGen with seedboxes.

Two seedbox companies (services that provide high-bandwidth remote servers for uploading and downloading data), and UltraSeedbox, stepped in to support the project. A week later, LibGen is seeding 10 terabytes and 900,000 scientific books thanks to help from and UltraSeedbox.

LibGen also teamed up with another massive online archiving project, The-Eye, to facilitate the tracking, storage, and seeding of LibGen’s scientific archive.

This Scary EU Piracy List Could Break the Internet

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The list of websites that should be banned for copyright infringement is kind of funny. And also scary because politicians don’t understand technology.