Do You Indulge in Internet Piracy? Don’t Use AT&T

AT&T is kicking users offline if they engage in internet piracy. Soon the carrier will inform about a dozen broadband customers that their connection will be terminated due to copyright infringement (via Axios).

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Internet Piracy

Over the next week or so AT&T will kick some customers off its network because of copyright infringement. Thanks to its purchase of Time Warner, AT&T is now a major media company in the United States.

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Anonymous sources told Axios that terminating repeat offenders is a new policy. AT&T will cut off broadband connections if customers ignore “repeated efforts to “educate” them about the perils of copyright infringement.”

Based on the notices we received, we identified the customer on the account and shared with them the information we received. We also reached out to the customer to educate them about copyright infringement and offer assistance to help prevent the activity from continuing.

A small number of customers who continue to receive additional copyright infringement notifications from content owners despite our efforts to educate them, will have their service discontinued.

Because of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) ISPs have to forward copyright warnings to customers that were sent by the entertainment industry. But since everyone ignores them, and the penalties aren’t that bad, the Big Entertainment has spent years dreaming up harsher punishments.

If you’re an AT&T pirate, it will take a lot to get cut off though. Users who use big amounts of bandwidth dedicated to piracy will be mostly targeted, and they will have to ignore around nine warnings.

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  • Sounds like complete BS to me. I wish MacOb would investigate before publishing clickbait.
    How would ATT know what anybody does online?? Nope, BS. Especially if you use a VPN. Please clarify this obvious nonsense that sounds like it was floated by another corporate competitor.

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