Some People Trying to Crowdfund YouTube Piracy

Engadget reports that certain YouTube channels are trying to crowdfund their YouTube piracy. Plenty of pirated content is available on the platform, and some accounts are asking for donations.

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YouTube Pirates

Edgar Alvarez discovered YouTube’s dark secret while stumbling upon episodes of Kitchen Nightmares. There are entire channels that do nothing but upload KN episodes, and of course they aren’t affiliated with Fox, which owns the rights to the show.YouTube logo

And the owner of a certain channel asked viewers for donations to fund the uploading of this copyrighted content. This same owner even has a Patreon page with various levels of contribution. Thankfully they don’t have any patrons.

But companies like Patreon don’t have a legal liability unless they receive a complaint from the content owner. A spokesperson for Patreon said:

Creators uploading copyrighted content is against our terms of use. We take action against this content when rights holders send us a copyright notice.

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One thought on “Some People Trying to Crowdfund YouTube Piracy

  • KN got paid already when it was broadcast – everything after that is Fair Use as 99% of YT is “copyrighted” material. I will never pay twice for copyrighted material hence Bit Torrent for movies and music. Wait til the EU puts the clamps on the Web and so called copyright violations (it already passed) – it will be the end of the web as we know it. Proof? USA is already caving in to the EU rules even though they don’t have to – have you all been blasted with new Terms of Service for every damn thing you have on your computer? That’s the U.S. following the EU’s new privacy rules. It’s over kiddies. 🎬

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