Private social network MeWe has reached six million members in 2019 and was named the Best Entrepreneurial Company for this year.

MeWe expects over 100 million members by the end of 2020, having achieved 405% growth in 2018 and growing twice as fast on a daily basis in 2019. 60% of MeWe’s traffic is international and 35% of members are active—exceeding industry standards.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t used MeWe since I reviewed it. But I’ll gladly promote alternatives to Facebook, especially if privacy is the number one focus.

Check It Out: Private Social Network MeWe Reaches 6 Million Members

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  1. RoKuS

    “I’ll be honest, I haven’t used MeWe since I reviewed it.”

    Me, I believe in the concept of MeWe and use the platform daily. Your statement will prove MeWe’s downfall.

    I have searched over & over again for people I know and have known in my checkered past. Repeatedly, I would click or tap on someone’s profile only to find “…hasn’t posted yet” and “Member since…” The profile when signing up defaults to an icon of a smiley face slice of bread or taco and a sunset pic of a lonely hill. I have come to detest the sight of that bread and taco. The hill just emphasizes how lonely MeWe is.

    “Popular” as MeWe appears to be, I believe that the majority of folks on the platform never -EVER- use it. Like you. And no matter the number of subscribers, MeWe will fail to launch if those same subscribers do not utilize what has been offered to them.

    As a personal qualifier, I am a 61 year old Internet geek. I like MeWe, even tho’ their promotions are geared to folk who are easily 40 years younger than me.

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