Apple Watch Helps Save Mountain Biker

An Apple Watch is credited with helping to save the life of a mountain biker after he suffered a bad fall while biking.

Dad flipped his bike at the bottom of Doomsday, hit his head and was knocked out until sometime during the ambulance ride. The watch had called 911 with his location and EMS had him scooped up and to the hospital in under a 1/2 hr. The fire dept. took his bike back to the station. My brother was already driving by the the hospital when the second update came in and was able to be with him right away.

Check It Out: Apple Watch Helps Save Mountain Biker

3 thoughts on “Apple Watch Helps Save Mountain Biker

  • In the last two weeks one guy I know crashed his bike hard and smashed up. his shoulder really bad. They had to repair his clavicle with a plate and he’ll be out another week at least and wrapped up till the end of the year. Another guy I work with was riding his bike and skidded. He tried to catch her himself with his right foot but it dug in. He ended up with multiple compound fractures of the right tibia. He will be out two months. Now this guy loses it while biking and wakes up in the ambulance, only because his AW called for help.

    And yet I have people tell me with a straight face that biking is good for them. That it’s healthy. Well, I’VE never broken a bone sitting on my couch.

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